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Welcome to Saddlebrook Ventures, LLC

Saddlebrook Ventures, LLC is a family-owned and operated business that both owns, manages and develops real estate investments including multi-family properties and commercial properties. The primary focus has been on properties located within or close to the inner city of Houston. We manage Class A as well as Class B&C properties. Each requires a specific knowledge to be managed efficiently.

Property Management

Below are the properties currently under management.

Candlelight Gardens
64 units
Candlelight Estates
68 units
Candlelight Manor
88 units
935 Byrne
30 units
1703 Yale St
Renovated to Offices
729 Harvard - Heights
Leased as Duplex
4624 Norhill - Heights
Leased as Single Family Home

Property Development

Sample of developed properties that were bought, renovated, leased and most eventually sold.

1703 Yale - Heights
Leased as Commercial Art Studio
2423 Woodhead - Montrose
Sold Fourplex
1011 6 1/2 St - Heights
Sold as Fiveplex
1601 Castle Court - Montrose
Sold as Sixplex
949 Teetshorn - Heights
Sold as Fourplex
1605 Castle Court - Montrose
Sold as Fourplex
949 Teetshorn - Heights
Sold as Fourplex
1203 Shadow Mountain - Katy
Sold as Single Family home
1837 Colquit - Montrose
Sold as Fiveplex
1710 Indiana - Montrose
Sold as 12-Plex